Menopause Treatment – Understanding Your Options

by Pam Marshall

Hot flashes. Sleepless nights. Ugly mood swings. The “change of life” certainly brings does bring about changes, doesn’t it? The problem is most of them are changes women can do without. As a matter of fact, many times they are so unbearable women will do just about anything to get rid of them, including taking medication. The problem with that is that synthetic hormones, those usually prescribed by doctors, come with their own set of perils.

Synthetic menopause hormone therapy can lead to bloating, blood clots, sexual dysfunction, stroke, and the risk of cancer
. Because of this frightening list women who decide to try hormone treatment usually do so for a short period of time and take the lowest dose possible. Once their symptoms disappear or become more manageable, they stop taking the drug.

For some women synthetic hormone therapy isn’t even an option. Women who have had breast or uterine cancer, have a history of blood clots, have liver or heart disease, or problems with vaginal bleeding are not candidates for this type of therapy.


Even women who have not fully entered menopause have worrisome menopause symptoms and seek relief. Perimenopause is when women began their transition into menopause and lasts 2 to 8 years. Usually menstrual irregularities begin sometime in the 40s, however, some may start noticing changes in their mid-30s.

During this time women experience menstrual irregularities, hot flashes and insomnia, irritability or depression, vaginal and urinary problems, and decrease libido. Even though medication is often prescribed to treat the symptoms, it’s important to understand that menopause is not an illness. It’s a natural stage of life where women’s ovaries stop producing estrogen. This causes her reproductive system to slowly cease functioning.

A natural alternative to synthetic hormone therapy

Natural hormones contain products derived from plants. The body actually recognizes them as being a natural substance and will therefore readily utilize the product. The side effects seen with synthetic hormones do not exist when natural hormones are used. Even better, natural hormones deal with more than hot flashes, water retention, or insomnia. They combat many of the different symptoms menopause can bring about.

Why take a chance, even for a short while, on a synthetic hormone that carries such risks as cancer and heart disease? Luckily, there is an alternative, one that many authorities believe to be superior to synthetic hormones.

Preemptive Meds’ PreMenora™ eases symptoms safely and naturally

PreMenora™ is an all-natural supplement based on a formulation that contains 10 botanicals acting together to relieve the symptoms of perimenopause. Doctors from across the United States and Canada have recommended treatment with PreMenora™ so women can find relief from their symptoms without having to resort to synthetic hormone therapy. That way you can have your symptoms in control before the onset of full-blown menopause.

With PreMenora™ hot flashes, night sweats, bloating, insomnia, vaginal dryness, tiredness, and irritation decrease up to 80%. Libido, attentiveness, memory, and bone and joint health increase.

Now you have a choice. If you’re suffering through the symptoms of perimenopause or you are already in menopause, you don’t have to rely on dangerous synthetic hormones. PreMenora™ is 100% natural and safe with no known side effects. And it’s extremely affordable at only $9 per week, which is less than many prescription co-pays.

You can find out more about PreMenora™ by visiting this website.

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