PreEmptive Meds, Inc.

Welcome to PreEmptive Meds, Inc.

We are the first and only pre-disease therapeutics company specializing in twice-daily all-natural formulations designed to give both physicians and patients therapeutic options for managing a variety of pre-disease and early disease states. Our goal is to unite physicians, patients, and products to preempt the development of chronic conditions before they become irreversible.

PMI promotes its products only through medical doctors who review clinical information and make the appropriate recommendations to their patients. The Company believes doctors to be the guardians of people’s health and that they are most qualified to evaluate the clinical benefits of its products. For the first two years after a new product is launched that product is only available through a recommendation of a physician. PMI makes the product available directly to consumers only after two years during which, hundreds of doctors in the US would have successfully used the product in thousands of patients.

By mid-2008, we are proud to report that hundreds of physicians in the US have successfully used our products in over 30,000 uses in the United States.

What is pre-disease?

There is an enormous body of evidence that supports the contention that many chronic diseases can be prevented, or at least substantially delayed. While there are many prescription medications for the treatment of disease, what about the individual who is not yet ready for a drug intervention but is clearly headed for trouble? These people have moderately increased levels of biochemical markers like cholesterol, glucose, among others. This is the pre-disease stage and is when we have a real opportunity to preempt disease and improve quality of life through use of evidence-based dietary supplements. In pre-disease, before things become irreversible, plant-based formulations, like those marketed by PMI have their greatest impact because of their milder, yet proven therapeutic effects and a gentler and virtually non-existent side effect profile.

Why PMI?

  • Because disease treatment requires combination therapies to address the various root causes and PMI’s products are effective combinations in each capsule
  • Because you have to treat pre-disease aggressively and there prescription drugs indicated for pre-disease
  • Because physicians are most qualified to use and test a new therapeutic in the real world in real patinets and for the first two years following launch of a PMI product, it is only available through a physician recommendation in the US. And, only after 100s of physicians have used that PMI product for that period and in tens of thousands of uses, the product is made available for direct purchase by consumers
  • Because the Company employs the highest quality of manufacturing and safety with batch to batch standardization and independent testing for heavy metals and purity
  • Because we are evidence-based. Substantial body of evidence in clinical use and studies. Real results in real people!
  • Because all our products are 100% Natural