Prediabetes – Understanding The Risk

by Pam Marshall

According to the American Diabetes Association, 54 million people in the United States have prediabetes. Are you at risk for developing this predisease?

In order to understand your risk for developing prediabetes, it’s impotant to know how your body processes blood sugar or glucose.

Your body depends on glucose for energy. As a matter of fact, you must have glucose in order to develop muscles and other tissues. Glucose comes from the food you eat and also from your liver. After a meal, glucose enters your bloodstream. Your pancreas supplies the insulin necessary for the glucose to enter your cells and do its job.

When your pancreas releases insulin, it lowers the glucose level in your blood stream. Once this happens, your pancreas automatically slows down the release of insulin.

Glucose is manufactured and stored in your liver. If it’s been a while between meals and your insulin level is low, your liver releases stored glucose so that your blood sugar level stays in a healthy, normal range.

However, with prediabetes, the above process doesn’t work as smoothly as it should. Glucose doesn’t move into your cells. Instead the sugar stays in your bloodstream. The reason this happens is because for some reason, your pancreas isn’t manufacturing enough insulin or your cells become insulin resistant. This may be due to extra abdominal fat and lack of exercise.

Who is at risk for developing prediabetes?

Here are some risk factors for developing prediabetes. If you have them, you may be a candidate for prediabetes. They include:

Being overweight. The more fat you have — especially belly fat — the more likely your cells are to become resistant to insulin.

Lack of exercise.
The more physically active you are the better control you have over your weight. Also exercise uses glucose for energy and also makes your cells more success to success to pull to the effects of insulin.

Family history
. If diabetes runs in your family your chance of developing prediabetes rises.

As you get older, especially older than 45, you’re more likely to develop prediabetes. That could be because most people become more sedentary and put on extra pounds as they get older.

Hispanics, blacks, Asian Americans, and American Indians run a higher risk of developing prediabetes.

In addition to the above symptoms, people who have high levels of “bad” cholesterol, low levels of “good” cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high triglycerides, often have a resistance to insulin.

How to substantially lower – or even eliminate – your risk

PreCrea™ is a completely natural supplement specially formulated for people who currently have prediabetes or higher than normal glucose levels. Designed by PreEmptive Meds, a predisease therapeutic company, its formulation is based on the philosophy that fighting disease in its early stages (or prediease stage) is critical to prevent the development of full-blown disease. PreCrea™ gets to the root of the problem before diabetes has a chance to develop fully.

Clinical studies show that using PreCrea™ to treat prediabetes actually lowers blood glucose levels 20-30 points. As an added bonus, a weight loss of 15-20 pounds is entirely possible – which also contributes to getting the predisease state under control.

Don’t gamble with your health – or your life. If you are prediabetic right now, or you are at risk for developing prediabetes, you can find knowledgeable information about PreCrea™ here.

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