Supplements For Fibromyalgia – 5 Things You Should Know Before You Choose Traditional Treatment Instead

by Pam Marshall

Have you been searching for a “magic pill” for your pain?

Many suffering from fibromyalgia believe there is simply no real relief. If that sounds like you, you’ll be excited to know there IS help available. The best part of all is that it has absolutely nothing to do with relying on potentially dangerous medications to take care of your agonizing symptoms.

Fibromyalgia is actually an arthritis related illness. Even though it doesn’t cause the same type of problems as arthritis — joint inflammation, tissue damage, inflamed muscles — like arthritis, it does cause substantial pain and fatigue and can be extremely debilitating, as you’re undoubtedly aware.

And even though today doctors understand fibromyalgia much better than they once did, they still typically rely on many different kinds of medications to treat the symptoms. These medications include anticonvulsants, antidepressants, pain relievers, and sleep aids. Why is this a problem? All of these have potentially harmful side effects.


Anticonvulsants typically used to treat seizures also help with pain management. However the FDA reviewed 11 anti-seizure medications and found those taking these drugs had almost twice the risk of suicide or suicidal thoughts.


Antidepressants such as serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors are sometimes prescribed to alleviate fibromyalgia pain. Tricyclic antidepressants as well as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are also prescribed. This may sound like a good thing because often depression is part of the problem of having fibromyalgia. You would think that taking antidepressants would lead to better sleep, less fatigue, and a general feeling of well-being.

That may be true in some cases; however, some depressants are known to actually increase depression and fatigue. Even worse they may lead to aggressive or even psychotic behavior – not to mention those taking depressants actually run the risk of suicide.

Pain relievers

A pain reliever may seem to be the obvious choice for dealing with fibromyalgia. However, prescription pain medication is often addictive and also carries the possibility of many other side effects such as heart palpitations, digestive problems, muscle weakness, hallucinations, and urinary problems.

Sleep aids

Lack of sleep is a big problem for people suffering from fibromyalgia. Aside from the obvious fatigue, without proper sleep the body can’t heal or rest from daily activity. For that reason sleep medication is often prescribed. The problem is some people become physically or emotionally addicted to sleep aids. Even more, dependence on sleep aids may thwart the body’s ability to produce certain chemicals that naturally aid in pain relief and mood stability.

Change in lifestyle

Of all the traditional approaches to treating fibromyalgia perhaps this one makes the best sense. Exercise is known to be a natural antidote for pain and is also a mood enhancer. Practicing yoga or relaxing techniques help as well. Of course, lifestyle changes will not completely alleviate the pain you may be in but at least you won’t have to worry about the harmful side effects of drugs.

With all the possible negative side effects of all these medications, why take the risk? Especially when there is a totally effective and SAFE alternative.

Natural supplements for fibromyalgia

PreArthos™ and PreArthos+™ are natural botanical formulations that work collectively to reduce inflammatory pain. Not only that, they also contain plant-based substances which serve to protect the cardiovascular system. These natural substances are easy on the stomach and won’t harm the kidneys at all.

PreArthos™ and PreArthos+™ has been used successfully by hundreds of doctors in treating thousands of patients for over two years. And with fantastic results. These two supplements have been shown to lower pain and inflammation on an average of 80%.

PreArthos™ is completely affordable at only $9 per week. You can find out more about PreArthos™ and PreArthos+™ right here. There IS help for your fibromyalgia. Don’t spend another day worrying about how you’re going to manage your pain.

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