Prediabetes – Understanding The Symptoms

by Pam Marshall

You go through your day and find yourself making several trips to the water fountain. Not only that, you’re visiting the restroom more frequently. Even though you’re eating the same amount you usually eat, you find you’re extremely hungry. Or perhaps without dieting, you’ve somehow managed to lose weight. You’re more tired than you’ve ever been, your vision is fuzzy, and sometimes you have frequent infections or a sore that is won’t heal.

What’s going on? If you’ve experienced any of the above symptoms for a period of time, you could have a condition known as prediabetes.

If you’re prediabetic that means your blood glucose is higher than it should be. It hasn’t reached the level that classifies you as type 2 diabetic, but still you are at risk. That’s because the dangerous consequences of frank diabetes may have already started. The bad news is that if you don’t do something about it, in as little as 10 years you could find you have full-blown diabetes.

The good news is that full-blown diabetes can be preempted or significantly delayed. While doctors have always known about pre-disease such as prediabetes, today they are definitive guidelines to make the determination. In prediabetes, the fasting glucose level falls within the range of 99-126. Greater than 126 indicates diabetes.

Treating prediabetes

It’s been said that diabetes may be one of the worst diseases you can have. The unsettling fact is that more and more people are developing this disease — as a matter of fact it’s almost an epidemic in America. The dangers associated with full-blown diabetes include heart disease, kidney failure, sexual dysfunction, and blindness. What is so disturbing is that these complications can actually start developing in the prediabetes stage.

Perhaps one of the best modes of treatment is lifestyle modification. That means you should eat healthy foods, exercise more, lose excess weight, and take any necessary medication.

Natural supplements for prediabetes

PreEmptive Meds, a predisease therapeutic company, offers PreCrea™ — an all natural, twice-a-day herbal supplement specifically design for people with prediabetes or higher than normal blood sugar levels. The doctors at PreEmptive Meds realize the importance of fighting disease as early as possible. By integrating lifestyle changes with supportive therapies it is possible to prevent serious disease. Their natural supplements treat predisease – which in turn prevents chronic disease. Most pharmaceutical drugs are indicated for full-blown disease. By that time the disease is usually irreversible.

PreCrea™ is 100% natural, 100% safe, and has been used by hundreds of doctors to treat thousands of patients in the pre-diabetes stage. As a matter of fact, blood sugar is lowered 20-30 points with PreCrea™. Not only that, an added benefit is that many patients report a weight loss of 15-20 pounds.

Now this potent supplement is available to the general public. If you feel you’re at risk for developing diabetes, or you already have some of the symptoms, insightful information about PreCrea™ is available for you right here. Don’t wait until diabetes has had a chance to set in. Find out how you can naturally and effectively treat prediabetes with PreCrea™ now.

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