Natural Joint Pain Relief

by Pam Marshall

When you suffer from joint pain, you never know what the day is going to bring. So many different factors determine how you’re going to feel at any given time. The weather, your gender, your age, other health issues, how much you exercise, and your daily activities all play a role in your ability to successfully manage arthritis.

To make matters worse, there are more than 100 different conditions that fall under the blanket term “arthritis,” which in turn makes it so difficult to get an accurate diagnosis in the first place. Then you have to go through the trial and error of finding a safe drug that works for you, and finally, you have to alter your lifestyle to get relief from your pain. It’s incredibly frustrating.

What exactly causes arthritis pain?

You know your arthritis causes you pain, but do you know why exactly? The simple answer is that arthritis involves the breakdown of cartilage. Cartilage has many different jobs — to protect the joints, to allow for smooth movement, and to absorb shock when pressure is placed on the joint (as in walking.) Without sufficient cartilage, the bones rub together, which causes pain, swelling and inflammation, and stiffness.

Joint inflammation occurs for a variety of reasons:

*An autoimmune disease — the body attacks itself
*A broken bone
*General wear and tear on joints
*A bacterial or viral infection

Often times, the inflammation goes away on its own after the injury has had a chance to heal, or the disease has been successfully treated. However, with some injuries and diseases, the inflammation does not go away or destruction results in long-term pain and deformity. When this happens, you have chronic arthritis.

Osteoarthritis – the most common type of arthritis

Osteoarthritis is most likely to occur as you age. The pain of osteoarthritis may be felt in any joint, but most commonly it is felt in your hips, knees or fingers.

Risk factors for osteoarthritis

Being overweight, previous injuries to the affected joint, and using the affected joint in a repetitive action that puts stress on the joint puts you at more risk for developing osteoarthritis. Arthritis can occur in men and women of all ages. About 37 million people in America have arthritis of some kind, which is almost one out of every seven people.

Symptoms of arthritis

*Joint pain
*Joint swelling
*Reduced ability to move the joint
*Redness of the skin around the joint
*Stiffness, especially in the morning
*Warmth around the joint

However, arthritis doesn’t merely affect the joints. Arthritis and arthritis pain impacts so many other areas of your body and so many aspects of your life. It’s a long-term condition that needs to be skillfully managed over time.

Get back in control of your life

Why continue to suffer from arthritis pain when there is a new 100% natural alternative available to you right now? PreArthros™ and PreArthros+ ™ are natural botanical formulations that work together to reduce inflammatory joint pain caused by arthritis. These natural substances contain plant-based components that not only relieve arthritis pain, they also serve to protect the cardiovascular system, they are easy on the stomach, and will not harm the kidneys.

Hundreds of doctors have used PreArthros™ and PreArthros +™ to treat thousands of patients for over two years. The results have been remarkable — these two supplements have been shown to lower pain and inflammation on an average of 80%.

PreArthros™ is completely affordable at only $9 per week. You can find out more about PreArthros™ and PreArthros +™ right here. There IS help for your arthritis joint pain. Take control of your life today and don’t spend another minute worrying about how you’re going to manage her pain.

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