Hormone Replacement Therapy Linked to Lung Cancer

by Jennifer Bunn, RN

New research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology has discovered that women who take HRT (hormone replacement therapy) may be at higher risk of developing lung cancer.

The large study, which included 36,588 women taking HRT containing both estrogen and progesterone, found that post-menopausal women taking HRT had a 50% higher risk of lung cancer. Women who took only estrogen without progesterone (unopposed estrogen) did not appear to be at higher risk of developing lung cancer.

The length of time a woman took HRT was related to their risk of developing lung cancer, as well as the later stage at which the disease was diagnosed. Other factors known to contribute to the development of lung cancer were considered, such as age and smoking status.

New recommendations for HRT state that women should take HRT for the shortest time possible, but there may be many women who have taken HRT for long periods of time, before the studies were done which pointed to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease with long-term HRT therapy. These women may be at higher risk for lung cancer and this begs the question: could HRT therapy be part of the reason that lung cancer rates have been increasing in women?

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Source: Hormone therapy linked to lung cancer risk

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