Selenium Protects Men Against Diabetes

by Mia Khanna

Selenium is an important nutrient, which protects body cells from the harmful effect of free radicals. It promotes normal functioning of your immune system and thyroidC2090-419 gland. Plants remain one of the best dietary sources of Selenium, but this mineral is also present in seafoods and some meats.

According to a research published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism indicates that men having high plasma selenium concentrations face lesser risk of developing dysglycemia. Scientists haveMB2-876 been debating the role of selenium in diabetes for long. While some studies find it protective, others suggest that it elevates the risk of developing diabetes.

A recent study indicates the protective effect of selenium in men. The research team was led by Tasnime Akbaraly, from parajumpers Materpiece Owner the University of Montpellier. The team followed 1162 healthy French men and women for a period of nine years and succeeded in establishing a link between plasma selenium concentrations and occurrence of dysglycemia.

The study indicates that the French males with high plasma parajumpers New Denali selenium concentration face a lower risk of developing dysglycemia.

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