Passing of Health Reform Bill Celebrated by ADA

by Jennifer Bunn, RN

The ADA (American Diabetes Association) is celebrating the passage of the Health Reform bill, which they see as tearing down the barriers that have stood between diabetics and the health care they deserve. The ADA issued a statement to make clear their elation at the passing of the bill.

It is not only those already diagnosed with diabetes who stand to win from the passage of the bill, states the ADA. The American Diabetes Association sees the bill as a necessary step towards prevention of diabetes for the estimated 57 million people who are living with pre-diabetes, and also for the one-third of America’s youth who will one day be diagnosed with diabetes if the current health climate does not change. In order for health prevention to become reality, citizens need equal access to programs designed to educate them regarding prevention, as well as access to screening and prevention programs designed to detect and treat pre-diabetes before it turns into full-fledged diabetes.

The ADA has stated that they see this health reform bill as a means of giving diabetics a real opportunity to manage their disease and prevent known complications of the disease, such as amputation, blindness and heart disease.

Source: Health Reform Bill Ends The “Just Because You Have Diabetes” Excuse

Statement on U.S. House of Representatives Passing Health Reform Bill

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